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While the infection we know today as Lyme disease (named for the Connecticut town of Lyme) has been around for at least a century, public awareness (and confusion) did not really occur until the late 1980s. Media exposure of this infection virtually exploded, leaving most of the general public with some basic knowledge and a great deal of misconception. We hope to straighten out some of the myths surrounding at least the canine version of the Lyme disease infection.

When it comes to prevention, there is nothing controversial about tick control. It is crucial in Lyme endemic areas to use tick-controlling products.

Lyme disease is a regional problem. For more guidance regarding this infection in your area or areas where you will be traveling, chat with your doctor at Brittmoore Animal Hospital.

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40 years ago, an unusual cluster of arthritis cases along the Connecticut River, primarily in children, led to the discovery of Lyme Disease as a human illness in the United States. But it’s not just humans who are susceptible to Lyme disease. Clinical  signs of Lyme have been recognized in dogs, horses and cattle. So what exactly is Lyme disease, how is it spread, and how can we prevent it … in people and animals?

In this podcast, Dr. Michael Stone, a clinical assistant professor at Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, discusses Lyme disease.

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