COVID-19 Information for our clients as of March 24th 2020

Brittmoore Animal Hospital

1236 Brittmoore Rd.
Houston, TX 77043


Last Updated November 25, 2020

We at  Brittmoore Animal Hospital are concerned about your health as well as that of your pets.

As we learn more about the impact of the COVID-19 (coronavirus), your Brittmoore team would like to inform you about what we’re doing to protect the health and safety of you and the BAH staff.

We have increased the frequency of disinfection of all high touch surfaces throughout our hospital and additional time on frequently-touched surfaces. We are following CDC recommendations on hand hygiene, social distancing, and staying home when sick. We have asked our staff to refrain from shaking hands, and try to maintain a safe distance (3-6 feet) from clients during visits.

We are currently open our normal days and hours. We remain committed to serving your pet’s needs, but we will be serving it in a more safe environment for you and our staff. So there have been a few changes in our delivery of services.

We would also like to ask our valued clients to please stay home if you are feeling ill, have traveled to a high-risk area, or have been in contact with anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19. We will happily reschedule your appointment when you are well.

Brittmoore Animal Hospital is offering curbside service for appointments with audio communications with your doctor from your car.

Clients will no longer be coming into the facility to reduce the risk of exposing you or our staff to COVID-19. We have streamlined our flow to make this new system smooth for all involved. Feedback so far has been positive. CLIENTS MUST WEAR THEIR MASKS when staff is approaching your vehicle. Please stay in your car.

Remember - everyone needs an appointment to make our scheduling safe and effective.

Here Is How It Works…


  1. Call the office for an appointment or use our electronic appointment request form on our website.
    The receptionist will e-mail appropriate forms to your updated e-mail for you to either fill out and e-mail back to or bring with you the day of your appointment. You will asked your preferred form of payment. BAH is encouraging credit cards at this time.
  2. When you arrive, park on the Church Street side of the hospital. The parking spaces are numbered. Call the office to notify the receptionist that you have arrived and provide the number you are parked in.
  3. The veterinary technician (VT) will come to your car to take your pet inside the facility to see your doctor. We have the capability to share radiographs and ultrasounds with a tablet if needed. Your doctor will call you on your phone.
  4. When the appointment is completed. The VT will bring your pet and any medications or Rabies tag to you and retrieve the tablet. The receptionist will call you immediately to take your credit card payment over the phone or the receptionist will be available to come to your car if you prefer to swipe your card. Your invoice will be e-mailed to you. 
  5. Please note: We will not be able to service aggressive pets at this time.


  1. Prescriptions can be requested by phone, our website on the Pharmacy page, and facebook for your convenience.
  2. We are also offering curbside service for prescription and diet foods in the parking lot facing Brittmoore Rd. Call the office when you arrive to notify the receptionist you are here.
  3. Payment will be taken over the phone or a receptionist will bring a credit card reader to you if you prefer.
  4. Receptionist will bring you supplies to your car. If you pay in advance your invoice will be given at this time. If you pay when you arrive, your invoice will be e-mailed.
  5. BAH offers a USPS service for most prescription medications and the fee is minimal for most areas of delivery. This is a pre-paid service before it is processed. Please have your credit card available. BAH are not responsible if the USPS misplaces your order.


  1. Call the pager as usual. The doctor on call should call you back. If you do not receive a returned call, call an Emergency Clinic.
  2. When you arrive, call the pager to notify the doctor that you have arrived.
  3. Your pet will be escorted into the facility by a staff member while you wait in your car.
  4. The doctor will call your provided cell phone to discuss your pet’s c-section.
  5. The technician will take your payment over the phone with a credit card or will bring a credit card reader to you in your car. The invoice will be e-mailed to you the next business day by one of our receptionist.
  6. The technician will then bring your pet and prescriptions to your car.

Your health and well-being are of great importance to us and we appreciate your cooperation as we all work together to stay healthy. We will continue to keep you updated on the operations of the hospital as the situation evolves.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns. We’re here for you and your family pet(s). We wish you and your family well during this time.

Thank you for being part of the Brittmoore family.


The Brittmoore Team