Brittmoore Animal Hospital - Frozen Semen Fee Schedule

Brittmoore Animal Hospital

1236 Brittmoore Rd.
Houston, TX 77043


Fees for Frozen Semen Collection

1st Semen Collection
Includes collection, initial analysis, freeze, post thaw analysis.
Subsequent Semen Collection
This is subsequent to the 1st collection, analysis, freeze, post thaw analysis.
"Aborted" Semen Freeze
This applies only if initial analysis indicated that semen quality is poor and pursuit of freeze process is not recommended/agreed upon.
Storage at Brittmoore Animal Hospital
This is pro-rated at the time of initial collection until January 1st of the following year, thereafter a yearly fee will be assessed in January. (First 100 straws for each stud dog)
 $112.00/yr/per dog
Semen Transfer to Synbiotics (Kansas City)
This service is free for long term storage.

 Semen Transfer to "other" Facility
This includes charging the liquid nitrogen tank and necessary paperwork. Does not include shipping fee.

Give 2 days advanced notice to receive a $200 discount.


Semen Transfer for Export - International

Owner is required to contact third party shipper to start collection timeline and protocols

 Semen retrieval fee $79.00
+ Export Paperwork Fee
+ Required Labwork

For More Information

Contact Connie Holden